Interviews On Success
~ A compilation of extraordinary people discussing their success
By Mark Llewhellin ~
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In 1997 Mark was looking for inspiration to take his life to the next level. It came in the form of a cassette tape where former BBC News Presenter Sir Martyn Lewis was interviewing Sir Anthony Hopkins.
The interview was about Tips for Success which helped change Mark's life for the better.

In 2015 Mark decided to interview successful people to help people as he had been helped with the Anthony Hopkins interview.
Mark started off interviewing local success stories in his home town Haverfordwest in Wales. Within 6 months Mark was interviewing people who were the best in the world in their chosen field.

In just over a year Mark secured one of the Worlds coolest locations...The Hard Rock Cafe Vault Room! The Vault Room is home to some of the most valuable items from music industry coming from legends such as John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and the Rolling Stones.

Mark's mission is simply to help you achieve your dreams.
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Listen to a sample of the audio book read by Top Narrator Matt Addis (Matt's narrations include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, War Horse, Dr Who, The Sound of Music, Charles Dickens and BBC Productions to name a few).
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