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"Mark is not only a top bloke, he has enthusiasm, commitment and is dedicated to everything he does. He keeps going through adversity and never gives in."

Jamie Baulch Double World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, Speaker & Presenter

"Mark’s energy, positivity and love for life are infectious."

Alastair HumphreysNational Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Speaker, Author and Around the World Cyclist

"When it comes to pushing boundaries both mentally and physically Mark Llewhellin has got what it takes. Mark inspires people to get the best results and helps them break through limitations to reach new heights and levels of success."

Matthew "Ollie" Ollerton Matthew "Ollie" Ollerton – Star of Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins/former SBS Commando and Director of

"Mark has the ability inspire and talk to all levels of age and class. He helps people achieve tremendous things and gives back far more than he puts in. Mark is a real credit to Pembrokeshire and we all have a great pride in him. He has great Charisma, delivers more than is expected and he will get you to the next level by getting the best out of your people."

Peter StockFormer Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council & Mayor of Haverfordwest.

"I invited Mark in to give a talk to Army recruits going through training so they could gain some insight to a career in the Forces and also to have a feel on someone who through sheer positive mindset can overcome barriers that life will inevitably chuck at you. Mark’s talk inspired the soldiers because they felt Marks background and where he was from resonated with their background. Marks cheerful and enthusiastic manner made his story real and also enjoyable. Feedback from the young recruits was that mark provided then with insight into how they can mentally overcome adversity."

Barry John MBE

Mark Llewhellin is a great Interviewer, Personal Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Distance Runner, Writer and a former Army Commando. Mark’s all that but for him, being a loving father is the most important. In watching his interviews with people who achieve their dreams, you can see a real interest in the person and what drives them. Mark has got a contagious enthusiasm that leaves you with a feeling that you should just go for it, believe in yourself and dream big.

Roger JamiesonCorporate Pilot/Falcon 900 Captain.

“The Underdog offers a wealth of empowering inspiring motivational content from Mark Llewhellin. An essential read on the journey to achievement and success.”

Danny RamplingFirst Winner of the No 1 DJ in the World Award by DJ Magazine and a three time DJ Awards recipient.

"Mark is a huge inspiration and it’s always great spending time with him. He’s achieved a lot and if you want to get ahead in life, listen to Mark!"

Jason "Foxy" Fox Star of Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins, former SBS Commando & Director of Break Point

"Just being in Marks’ presence makes you feel as if you could conquer your worst fears and reach the stars."

Tracy Edwards MBE Skippered the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race & became the first woman to receive the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy. Tracy has broke multiple World Records.

“Dream big, work hard, surprise everyone. Be The Underdog."

Sean ConwayLongest Triathlon World Record, First Person to complete The Length of Britain Triathlon

"If you want to achieve, listen to Mark."

Rob EvansWelsh Rugby International

"Mark’s zest for life and his positive break down on everyday obstacles will open up avenues of the mind."

Robbie Regan Former IBF Flyweight & WBO Bantamweight Boxing World Champion

"Mark’s determination and focus on achieving his goals are inspiring. He shares how you too can achieve even when the odds are against you."

Kate StrongTriathlon World Champion, World Record holder (cycling) & International Leadership Coach

"How you look at things will determine whether you fail or succeed in life. Whether you’re happy or unhappy." Mark helps you put things into perspective and will help you achieve your goals in life."

Steve RobinsonFormer WBO Boxing World Champion

"Life is for living but comes with challenges. Marks book ‘The Underdog’ provides a blueprint to taking on these challenges and making the most of your life using positivity and hard work at the core."

Ricky CooperCaptain of Wales Polo Team

"Life is full of trials, tribulations and difficult challenges but we all have choices; one of which is the ability to overcome and find a solution. Marks will help you put things into perspective and reality. He will give you true information you need to get your life to the next level and beyond.Truly inspirational!

M A Billingham MBE, QCBStar of Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins, ex 22 SAS, Bodyguard & CEO of Steel Eagle International

“I met mark on my All Arms Commando Course in 1992. He was a young lad and his fitness back then wasn’t great. No one suffered as much as Taff and gained a pass. Even when I was an instructor at the Commando Training Centre for 2 years, I never saw anyone suffer as much as Taff and pass. People suffered but gave up, Taff kept on going; that says a lot about his mental state and it’s all about state of mind. If you want to achieve your goals Mark can help you."

Paul “Faz” Farrington Former 29 Commando Battery Sergeant Major and All Arms Commando Course Instructor.


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